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Online Catalog Section Listing Cutting Room Equipment My-T-Fine™ Cordless Electronic Cutter My-T-Fine™ Cordless Electronic Cutter
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My-T-FineTM Cordless Electronic Cutter

Multipurpose Electronic Cutting Tool

Cuts Almost Anything Cleanly, Easily and Safely!


My-T-Fine Cordless Electronic Cutter

The My-T-Fine Cutter Multipurpose Electronic Cutting Tool cuts almost anything cleanly, easily and safely. Great for cutting blister packs, fabric, cardboard, newspaper, gift wrap paper and much more !
  • Powerful, industrial strength motor
  • All-purpose cutting head
  • Integrated charging and storage base
  • Plug and power cord storage compartment
  • Comfortable, ergonomic design
  • Slip-resistant handgrip
  • Easy fingertip control
  • Long-life, rechargeable battery pack
  • Cordless, rechargeable operation
  • Operates continuously up to 75 minutes on one charge
  • Makes almost any cutting project easier
  • 2 year limited warranty on cutting unit

The My-T-Fine Electronic Cutter cuts fabrics, boxes, blister packs, patterns, leather, paper and many other materials. The all-purpose cutting blade cuts through materials quickly and easily. The lightweight, ergonomic design helps to reduce wrist and hand strain. The handy rechargeable battery pack makes the cutter convenient and easy-to-use. The My-T-Fine Cutter comes with an all-purpose cutting head, a charging base and power cord for the charging base as well as a 2-year replacement guarantee.

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MTR Includes Cutter, Charger and Charging Base with Storage Compartment for Charger.

The My-T-Fine™ Cutter (MTR) Cuts Almost Anything With Ease...
Great for many uses around the house and at the office...






Blister Packs

Gift Wrap



  • The My-T-Fine Cutter is not a toy. Keep out of the reach of children.
  • The My-T-Fine Cutter has sharp cutting blades. Use extreme care when handling.
  • The My-T-Fine Cutter is not for personal care. Do not attempt to cut your hair, nails, teeth or skin.
  • Keep fingers away from cutting blades. Do not place fingers between the cutting blades.
  • Do not drop cutter unit. Dropping could cause damage to the cutting blades and the internal mechanisms.
  • Never tamper with or disassemble the My-T-Fine Cutter, power adapter or charging base.
  • To avoid shock, do not use the My-T-Fine Cutter near a bathtub, sink or any other water source.
  • Use only the items supplied with the My-T-Fine Cutter.
  • The charging base should only be used for charging and storing the My-T-Fine Cutter. Never use the charging base for any other purposes.
  • If the My-T-Fine Cutter unit does not function properly, stop use immediately.

  • The My-T-Fine Cutter is designed to cut fabrics, boxes, blister packs, patterns, leather, paper and other materials.
  • Simply place the material to be cut between the cutting head and activate the fingertip trigger control. Guide the My-T-Fine Cutter forward and complete the cut. When you are finished with the cut, release the fingertip trigger to stop the motor.
  • If you are experiencing no blade movement, you may be trying to cut a material beyond the ability of the unit.
  • If cutting blade movement slows down when cutting tough materials, don't worry as this is normal. The cutting stress will not damage the My-T-Fine Cutter.
  • If you are experiencing slow or poor cutting, the unit may need to be recharged. Please read and follow the charging instructions.


Note: The charger should only be operated on standard 100 Volt through 240 Volt AC electric power. Do not use with any other voltage. The charging base and battery pack are specially designed to work together. Do not charge the My-T-Fine Cutter battery pack with any other charger. The product is shipped charged, but to achieve maximum battery pack life you should fully charge the My-T-Fine Cutter before first use.
  1. Simply plug the supplied power cord into the charging base and insert the power adapter into a standard 100 Volt through 240 Volt AC electric power source. When the power adapter is appropriately plugged into the power source, the light on the power adapter will illuminate green.
  2. Place the My-T-Fine Cutter on the base, being sure to line up the charging contact points.
  3. When the My-T-Fine Cutter is properly installed on the base, the green light on the power adapter will turn red, indicating that the charging procedure has started. When the light turns green the My-T-Fine Cutter is fully charged.
  4. When the battery is fully charged (recharging it fully will take about three hours), the red light will change back to green, your My-T-Fine Cutter is now fully charged.
  5. Repeat the above steps to recharge the battery after it has discharged. The battery does not need to be completely discharged before recharging or fully charged before additional use.

Cordless, rechargeable operation.
Operates up to 75 minutes on one charge.
Makes almost any cutting object easier.
Ergonomic design, fingertip control.
2-year limited warranty on cutting unit.

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No. MTR Shown
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USS Part # Style #DescriptionIs this a Universal Stock Product?Unit / Quantity Pricing and Ordering
Non Stock Item See Substitute Item No. DRS1 There is a Substitute available for this item

Item: My-T-Fine™ Cordless Electronic Cutter. Tool Length: 9". Weight: 8 oz.. Power: 3.6V, DC. Power: 100-240V AC 50/60Hz. Includes: Cutter, Charger and Charging Base with Storage Compartment for Charger.
This is a Brand Name Item My-T-Fine™ Brand

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 Substitute Available 
No. BS1
Limited Quantity Available   

Item: My-T-Fine™ Blade sets (2-Pack). For: My-T-Fine™ Cutter No. MTR and MTM.
This is a Brand Name Item My-T-Fine™ Brand

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