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Online Catalog Section Listing Cutting Room Equipment Eastman Maintenance Supplies "Genuine" Eastman Service Kit GE1651
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No. GE1651:   Eastman service kit
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"Genuine" Eastman Service Kit
Beware Generic Parts Made "For Eastman". Generic parts made "For Eastman" are not the same high levels of quality and consistency as "Genuine" Eastman Parts. A part that is only a few thousands of an inch too thick can cause a major machine failure.
For convenience, order the handy Eastman Service Kit (Part #820C2-2). It contains the most common replacement parts, and a complete sharpener adjustment tool kit with instructions.

Eastman Service Kit includes the following:
Eastman NumberDescription
C-6226Adjusting tool
36C6Sharpener brush
95C2-2Nut Driver
95C5-3Allen wrench
141C1-27Feeler Gauge
242C2-2Lubriko grease
4C2-63Sharpener shoe nut
12C1-24Knife lock washer
12C15-57Spring washer
17C15-13Spreader pin
17C15-106Roll pin
20C12-117Presser foot screw
24C1-3Knife lock bolt
34C1-20Tension spring
34C8-12Presser foot lock
34C10-45Pulley slide spring
34C10-89Bell crank spring
34C10-107Latch spring
72C4-26Oil cup
73C6-24Wrist pin oil tube
79C12-219Wear plate
152C12-219Front pulley for belt
191C1-21Crosshead felt pad
209C1Neoprene pad
300C7-2Drive cover screw
300C7-3Stabilizer screw
300C10-2Back guide screw
301C7-2Rear pulley screw
302C10-4Cam cover screw
302C10-6Spreader pin screw
302C10-8Cam cover screw
610C01-9Driver pulley w/cover
712C1R.H. Slide w/pulley
712C1-1L.H. Slide w/pulley
727C1-6Oil pad & holder

Item Information
USS Part No.: GE1651
Unit of Sale: EA
Style #: 820C2-2
Genuine Item: Genuine Item Genuine EASTMAN
Item Availability
Quantity On Hand: IN STOCK for immediate delivery
Shipping Notes:  
Item Specifications
Unit Weight * :1.927 lbs. (874 grams)
* Unit weight is for product only, and does not include packaging.
Standard Unit Price (EA) : 308.45
Quantity Orders can save you even more!
QuantityDiscountNet Price
1  308.45
Buy Quantity : 

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