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Groz-Beckert® Sewing Needles
Universal Sewing Supply is an Authorized Groz-Beckert® Distribution Partner for Sewing Machine Needles
Universal Sewing Supply is an Authorized Groz-Beckert® Distribution Partner for Sewing Machine Needles

Since 1980, precision needles made by Groz-Beckert® have been plunging into every material and every knitted and woven fabric used in the sewing industry. With its concentrated know-how and inestimable wealth of experience in the development and production of precision components for the textile industry, Groz-Beckert® also sets milestones in quality and solutions for this important textile sector.

Today, Groz-Beckert® produces countless needle variants for its partners in the sewing industry. They are used for applications in industry, households and trade – all over the world.

This list is constantly supplemented with new and innovative products in very diverse areas where textiles are used, e.g. for fastening carbon fibre layers in the production of carrying elements for the aerospace and automotive industries.
How to Find the Groz-Beckert® Needles You Need
Universal Stocks a wide variety of Groz-Beckert® Needles. This portion of our online catalog is still under construction, but you can search our database. Just enter your needle system in the search box above. You can narrow the search by including the metric size after the needle system.

So for example, you could enter:
135X7 or 135X7100 for SIZE 16/100
134 or 134100 for SIZE 16/100
128GAS or 128GAS100 for SIZE 040/100

Click Here for a chart with a metric comparison of needle sizes to determine the metric size of the needle you are currently using.
Click Here for a chart with a Recommendation: needle size - thread sizes.
Click Here for a chart with The GB - Point Styles.
Click Here for a chart with Position & Description of Eccentric Points.
Click Here for a chart with Comparison of Point Designations.

If you need to reorder needles that you already have a box for, then searching for any of the style numbers on your current box should find the needle you are looking for.

If you are unable to find the needle you need, just drop us a note through our Contact Us page and our sales staff will assist you. To access our Contact Us page Click Here.

Groz-Beckert® Catalogs and Literature
Click either English or Español to open the corresponding Catalog in a new window. To download the file, right click on either English or Español and then chose "Save Target As..." You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the file.
Sewing 00 - Innovations / Innovaciones English Español
Sewing 01 - Blindstitching with Groz-Beckert® V-Needles / Agujas en versión V de Groz-Beckert®. Para una perfecta costura de puntada English Español
Sewing 03 - Button sewing - Accurate with Groz-Beckert® Needles / Coser botones con agujas Groz-Beckert® English Español
Sewing 04 - Needle class 118 of Groz-Beckert® for Union Special flatseamers / El sistema de aguja 118 de Groz-Beckert®. Para máquinas de costura plana English Español
Sewing 05 - Curved overlock sewing machine needles / Agujas overlock curvas de Groz-Beckert® English Español
Sewing 06 - SAN® 6 GEBEDUR® needles. For high performance in the processing of jeans clothing / Agujas SAN® 6 GEBEDUR®. Para el exigente trabajo en la confección de jeans y productos afines English Español
Sewing 08 - The packaging of Groz-Beckert® sewing machine needles / El empaque de las agujas para maquinas de coser English Español
Sewing 09 - The RG-Point of Groz-Beckert® sewing needles / La punta RG de Groz-Beckert® English Español
Sewing 10 - SAN® 5 needles. For the sewing process of technical textiles / SAN® 5 GEBEDUR®. Para procesos de costura en textiles técnicos English Español
Sewing 12 - Needles for Schiffli-Embroidery / Agujas para bordar Schiffli English Español
Sewing 13 - GEBEDUR®. Revolution in Gold / GEBEDUR®. Revolución en oro English Español
Sewing 14 - Needles for single and multihead embroidery / Agujas para máquinas de bordar de una y multicabezas English Español
Sewing 15 - Needles for the processing of leather / Costuras en cuero English Español
Sewing 16 - Groz-Beckert® Cloth Points / Puntas redondas de Groz-Beckert® English Español
Sewing 17 - The right needle for problem free processing of fine knitwear - SAN 10 / La aguja adecuada – para la confección de tejidos finos de punto – SAN 10 English Español
Sewing 18 - Special application needle MR / La aguja para aplicaciones especiales MR English Español
Sewing 19 - GEBESWITCH® – Innovation by Groz-Beckert® / (No esta disponible en Español) English ---
Sewing 20 - Special Needle LR SAN® 12 / Agujas para aplicaciones especiales LR SAN® 12 English Español
Sewing 21 - LPC - Loop Position Control / LPC - Loop Position Control English Español
Sewing 22 - The green needle / La aguja verde English Español

 Groz Beckert® Gebedur Needles

Groz Beckert NeedlesGroz Beckert Needles It's here now. Completely different from all other needles. Golden from point to the cone through Titanium Nitride coating. In a vacuum chamber with an accurately controlled nitrogen atmosphere, a metal plasma is produced by arc ignition.

Through reactive separation, each needle is uniformly coated in order to handle the strain put on them during sewing. The result is an extremely hard, yet highly elastic needle.

During power impact tests a Gebedur needle is vertically forced through a .60mm steel plate. While the point of a conventional needle either bends or breaks, the Gebedur Needle does not get damaged, nor does it break.

A needle with a point so wear resistant and unbreakable, it?s like nothing else before. The final result is the revolutionizing advantages these needles can put forth in today?s harsh sewing operations.

Advantages for the end user when comparing these needles to a conventional needle:
  • The needle life is considerably longer than chrome-plated needles; up to 4 to 6 times.
  • At high speed sewing, these needles withstand the oscillation and vibration forces during penetration into the fabric stopping needle deflection.
  • Due to the extremely high hardness, Gebedur needles withstand far more looper contacts without damage.
  • Due to the smooth surface, less force is required during penetration.
  • The extremely smooth surface of these needles reduces heat because friction is reduced. This offers a perfect replacement for Teflon-coated needles and a life up to 10 times as long!
  • The dense and tight surface quality prevents any accumulation of dirt and premature dullness or clogging.
 Groz Beckert® Needles

Premium Precision - Struck Grooves with Polished Eyes

Groz Beckert NeedlesGroz Beckert Needles Needle Features to Solve Your Stitching Problems
The eye size of these embroidery needles is 25% larger than usual needles, which makes for simple threading. Used for all sizes and types of thread; even for metallic threads. String eye-polish with an incomparable smoothness and the superb eye rounding improves the flow of thread. Needles have excellent protection for all types of thread, eliminating breakage problems.

Needle Point Length
1738KK & DBxK5.....Medium Point
16x257 & 1738.......Long Point

Needle Point Styles
R = Sharp
FFG = Thin Ball
FG = Medium Ball
Sharp point needles have precise fabric penetration. Ball point needles result in a reduction of fabric damage in knitted structures, eliminating thread picking problems.

Recommended Application
Pronounced & voluminous ornaments.....287WKH
Exact penetration with low resistance & for fill-stitches.....16x257 & 1738
Short shank (Pfaff KSM).....1738KK
Universal application.....DBxK5

Comparison of Needle Sizes / Tabla De Equivalencias Del Tamaño De Las Agujas
The Universal Sewing Supply stock numbers for the needle listings are always set up with a size in the metric designation. The metric designation is the thickness in MM. Some machine builders have the needles set up in standard size listings and some in metric size listings. This conversion chart should help you determine the proper metric size conversion.

If you need any technical information concerning a needle size please send the request through our Contact Us form. We will be happy to assist you in answering the needle sizing or needle type.
Metric / Metrico (Nm)404550556065707580859095100105110120125130140150160170180190200230250280300330350380400430460480
Singer34568910111213141516171819202122 23 24 252627282930313233343536
Singer MR-Nadein      MR1 MR2   MR3  MR4  MR5 MR6 MR7             
Singer Delta-U    50556065707580 90 100110 120130140150               
Union Special 018020022 025027029032 036 040 044048049 054060 067073 080090100 120 140 156172 188
Reece USA      4/03/000 0 1 23 45 6 7             
Reece (Code)      400000100 110 111 112113 114115                 
U.S. Blindstitch     0½11-½22-½33-½ 44-½ 55-½6                
U.S. Blindstitch LG Long     005101520253035 40                     
Lewis C (Curved)      2-½ 3 3-½ 4 4-½ 5 5-½6  7             
Lewis S (Straight)      10 12 14 16 181920                   
Metric / Metrico (Nm)404550556065707580859095100105110120125130140150160170180190200230250280300330350380400430460480
Wilcox & Gibbs (Old)    0001 2 3 4 56 78910               
Wilcox & Gibbs (New)  202224252730323336384042444849525560                
Schiffli (110 SS, 845 S)      00 0 1 2 3  45 678             
Bonis A21201918161514131211109876543210               
Bonis B212019181716151413 12 11 109876                 
Bonis K, Bonis T               87 6                  
Phoenix  00011-½22-½33-½4 5 66-½ 78 910  12           
Pfaff  5 6 7 8 9 10 1112 131415161718192023252830333538    
Mauser 7/06/05/0 4/03/0 00 0 1 23  45 6 789          
Fischbein                        57          
Metric / Metrico (Nm)404550556065707580859095100105110120125130140150160170180190200230250280300330350380400430460480
Howe      000 00 0 1 23 4                  
Stitchdown                   01 2 467         
System 81, 88      00 0 1 2 34 5 6 7 89           
System 253    00 1 2 3 4 56 78  10              
System 29222212018161413121110987 64 3210               
System 331                   233-½44-½5678910      
System 332, 657      00 0 ½ 1 23 45 6 7 8910         
System 339      101112 13 14 16 17                   
System 376  4/03/0000B½11-½22-½33-½45 67 8               
System 459 R212019181716151413 12 11 109 876 8               
Metric / Metrico (Nm)404550556065707580859095100105110120125130140150160170180190200230250280300330350380400430460480
System 459 R engl.262523/24222119/2017/1815/1613/14 12 11 109 87  8               
System 470191817161514131211109 8 64 210                
System 505 lg                 123456 78          
System 604 FE        00 0 1 23 4 56  7            
System 731            0 12 345 6 78910         
System 1717    2 2-½ 3 3-½ 4 4-½ 5                   
System 1910    0001 234 5 67 891011 12             
Organ45678910111213141516 1819202122 23 24 2526272829303132    
Metric / Metrico (Nm)404550556065707580859095100105110120125130140150160170180190200230250280300330350380400430460480

Recommendation: Needle Sizes - Thread Sizes / Recomendendación: Tamañ De Aguja - Tamañ o De Hilo
Needle Size Fabric: light - heavy / Tamañ aguja Tejido: ligaro - pesadoCotton / AlgodónPolyester Spun / Fibra de poliesterPolyester Filament / Filamento de poliestaPolyamid Filament / Filamento de poliámidaPolyamid Mono-Filament / Monofila-mento de pliiámidaCore Sun Cotton Polyester / Fibra de algodó poliesterCore Spun Poly - Poly / Fibra de poly - polySilk / SedaEmbroidery Yarn (Ticket-)/ Hilo de border
Cotton / AlgodóRayon/ Rayón
Nm.NeB (Nr.)Nm.Nm.Nm.Nm.denNm.Nm.Nm.Nr.Nr.
40 - 50  360/240     200  
50 - 60  200     160  
55 - 60  150    15014080 
60 - 7080120120 1805012012013060 
65 - 7570120801001108010010012050 
70 - 806010070808011080 1004075
75 - 9050806060701307580 30 
80 - 100407050506015050 70 60
90 - 110306040 5018040 6020 
100 - 120245030404023035 5016 
110 - 130204020 3030030 4012 
120 - 140123018/3302045025 30  
130 - 16072015/320  20    
150 - 180 1511/3   1520   
160 - 200 1011/4   11 10  
200 - 230      8    
230 - 250      5    
Nm = Metric Number / Sisema métricoNeB = English Cotton Number / Sistema métricoden = Denier / denier

The GB - Point Styles / Tipo De Puntas GB
Description / DescripciónApplication/ AplicaciónDesignation / denominaciónSymbol / Simbolo
Regular round pointRegular round point
Punta redonda normal
Universal application for LOCKSTITCH (FST 301) and woven cloth
Aplicación universal para puntada de dos hilos y ropa tejida
RRegular round point
Sharp round pointSharp round point
Punta redonda aguda
Standard for BLINDSTITCH. Also for very straight stitchlines (susceptible to damage)
Tipo normal para ciega. También para lineas de puntadas muy rectas
R SSharp round point
Round point with slightly rounded tipRound point with slightly rounded tip
Punta ligeramente redonda
Recommended application for CHAINSTITCH (FST 401) knitted fabrics and button sewing
Aplicación recomendada para punto de cadeneta Tejidos de punta y para coser botones
R GRound point with slightly rounded tip
Light ball pointLight ball point
Punta de bola fina
For all kind of knitted and synthetic fabrics
Para toda clase de tejidos y fabricados sintéticos
F F GLight ball point
Medium ball pointMedium ball point
Punta de bola fina
For highly elasticated material with rubber or elastomeric content
Para materiales muy elásticos con goma o contenido de elastómeros
F GMedium ball point
Heavy ball pointHeavy ball point
Punta de bola pesada
For coarser materials of high elasticity. Also for open-structured fabrics
Para materiales bastos y alta elasticidad. También para fabricados de estructura abierta
GHeavy ball point
Special ball pointSpecial ball point
Punta de bola especial para LYCRA
Knitted and woven fabrics with high content of elastomerics (Licra, Dorlastan, etc.)
Fabricados de punto y tejidos con alto contenido de elastómeros (Lycra, Dorlastan, etc.)
S K LSpecial ball point
Round point with a small triangular cutting edge at tipRound point with a small triangular cutting edge at tip
Punta de bola pesada
For plastic foils, laminates and leather clothing cutting edge at the tip
Para hojas de plastico, laminados y vestidos de piel/td>
S DRound point with a small triangular cutting edge at tip
Narrow Wedge (NW) point
Punta de cuña estrecha
For dense stitch formation in leather. Edge and cup seams on uppers
Para secuencias de puntadas densas en piel. Borde y costuras en la parte superior
PNarrow Wedge (NW) point
Narrow Cross (NCR) point
Punta de cruz estrecha
For long stitches deeply set and very straight stitchlines in leather
Para puntadas largas y profundas. Lineas de puntadas muy rectas en piel
SNarrow Cross (NCR) point
Diamond (DIA) point
Punta de diamante
For straight stitchlines in hard and dense leathers and for bag seams
Para lineas de puntadas muy rectas en piel dura y densa. También para costura de bolsos
D IDiamond (DIA) point
Narrow reverse twist (NRTW/RTW) point
Punta estrecha torcida al reves (NRTW/RTW) (45°)
For slanted stitch appearance in leathers and ornamental seams
Para puntadas de apariencia oblicua en piel. Costuras ornamentales
L RNarrow reverse twist (NRTW/RTW) point
Narrow reverse twist (NRTWSP/RTWSP)
Punta estrecha torcida al reves por encima de 45° (NRTWSP/RTWSP)
Application similar to LR, but slightly stronger cutting effect
Aplicación similar a LR, pero con el efecto cortante ligeramente más fuerte
V RNarrow reverse twist (NRTWSP/RTWSP)
Narrow twist (NTW/TW)
Punta estrecha torcida (NTW/TW) (225°)
Stitch appearance almost straight. For regular joining seams in leather
Puntada de apariencia casi recta. Para costuras de unión regular en piel
L LNarrow twist (NTW/TW)
Triangular (TRI) point
Punta triangular (TRI)
Stitch appearance almost straight. For hard and dense leathers
Puntada de apariencia casi recta. Para pieles duras y densas
DTriangular (TRI) point
Reverse triangular (RTRI) point
Punta triangular inversa (RTRI)
For twin needle machines (left needle) to match the seam of the right needle (D)
Para máquinas de dos agujas (aguja izquierda) para aparejar la costura de la aguja derecha
D UReverse triangular (RTRI) point
Square (RSQ) point
Punta cuadrada inversa (RSQ)
For heavy, hard and homogeneous materials. Bag seams
Para materiales pesados, duros y homogeneos. Costura de bolsos
QSquare (RSQ) point
Reverse square (RSQ) point
PPunta cuadrada inversa (RSQ)
Application similar to Q
Aplicación similar a Q
Q RReverse square (RSQ) point
Flattened round (STAY) point
Punta redonda aplanada (STAY)
Application similar to Q. Also for buttonholes in leather clothin
Aplicación similar a Q. También para ojales en vestidos de piel
S T A YFlattened round (STAY) point

Position & Description of Eccentric Points / Posición Y Descripción De Puntas Excéntricas
EMEMEccentric towards long groove (Down-side of needle)
Excentrica hacia la ranura larga (parte baja de la aguja)
Description & Penetration - Symbols

Description & Penetration - Symbols
Descripción y dibujo de la puntada - Simbolos
EMREMREccentric right of long groove
Excentrica a la derecha de la ranura larga
EREREccentric right
Excentrica en el lado derecho
ERKERKEccentric right of short groove
Excentrica a la derecha de la ranura corta
EKEKEccentric towards short groove (Up-side of needle)
Excentrica hacia la ranura larga (parte alta de la aguja)
ELKELKEccentric left of short groove
Excentrica hacia la izquierda de la ranura corta
ELELEccentric left
Excentrica hacia la izquierda
ELMELMEccentric left of long groove
Excentrica hacia la izquierda da la ranura larga
The arrow in the symbol indicates the threading direction / La flecha en el simbolo indica la dirección del enhebrado

Comparison of Point Designations
DesignationGroz-Beckert® Reference DesignationGroz-Beckert® Reference DesignationGroz-Beckert® Reference

If you need any assistance finding the needle(s) you need, just drop us a note through our Contact Us page and our sales staff will assist you. To access our Contact Us page Click Here.

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